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parents hate your boyfriend

Do your parents hate the person you love?

Has it ever happened to you that you love somebody and your parents just don’t like to stand the sight of the person? You follow dating tips from friends and experts and leave no stones unturned to win the person you love and  finally, when your parents show their resentment, you are left in dismay. Many a times, parents are logical with their resentment, but sometimes, its just so unconvincing that you feel like running away from your home. In any way, it is you who has to meet with anxiety. So, isn’t there a solution to that? Isn’t there a way to prevent this from happening or even make your parents like the person you love? Here are some tips that will prove to be helpful if you want to win your parent’s approval.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that parents are not your enemies. If they are saying that the person you like isn’t worthy enough for you, then they must have had some good reasons to back that. Do remember that your parents have seen more world than you and if they say that something is wrong with your fiancé/fiancée, listen to what they have to say and think it over.

Be calm and think about the person you love. Is it your real liking for the person or is it just an infatuation? Is the boy committed to the relationship to the same degree as you are? As a teenager in love, sometimes we fail to recognize the person we love and eventually our relationship comes to an end. Being experienced with love and life more than yourself, your parents could have foreseen your tumultuous future if you hooked up with your mate. So, just give yourself some time and try to see the actual human being in the person you’re in love with. If your mate is really a great person and a good human being, you should try to convince your parents, they would surely understand.

Are you deeply in love with this person? Or is it just their popularity and charm that attracts you? Or it could be so that you weren’t ready for love in the first place but had to give in due to the pressure of friends and your mate. Sometimes, your so called love only thrives to sustain your reputation. if your relationship is more of a drama and show off, it might be actually hurting your parents and even the person you call your lover. If that is the case, you should pay heed to your parents’ words and put the relationship to an end.

But what if you are truly in love with this person and your parents don’t like your seeing them? What if this person is bound to be your soul mate? In that case, you should try to talk your parents into accepting the person you love. Find out what they don’t like about your relationship and convince them how you are going to make things right. If your parents realize that you and your mate are deeply in love and are committed to each other, they would surely give your relationship a green signal.




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